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Packaging for General
Hazardous Goods

Limited Quantities Packaging

Limited Quantity Combination Pack with fibreboard outer box and 8 x 125 mL glass jars for transport of Dangerous Goods.
Limited Quantity Combination Pack with fibreboard outer box and 500 mL Hazpak jar for transport of Dangerous Goods.
Limited Quantity Combination Pack with fibreboard outer box and 500 mL metal micro drum for transport of Dangerous Goods.


Many of Hazpak's combination packages also meet the requirement for 'Limited Quantity' packages. Please refer to combination package specifications with plastic metal or glass inner packagings.

Limited Quantity packages are a packaging type designated by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations as being acceptable for some products of some hazardous goods 'Classes' and some 'Packaging Groups' that contain very small quantities of dangerous goods. The IATA Packing Instruction for these products are always preceded by 'Y###'.

When choosing packaging to air freight your products in limited quantity packagings, ensure that the airline operator and the country of destination accept Limited Quantity packagings.

Limited Quantity packagings must meet the general packaging requirements of Division 5.1.

In particular:

Inner packagings of Limited Quantity packagings must have been separately tested in accordance with Clause of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; that is, an internal pressure test to not less than 95 kPa but to not less that the pressure differential at 500C of the product to be transported, or whichever is the greater. (In Australia dangerous goods legislation requires that ALL-inner packagings used to transport dangerous goods, whether by road, rail or sea must be also be separately tested and approved by the dangerous Goods Competent Authority).

The design type package must be prepared exactly as to be used in transport and must survive without any loss of contents, leakage or breakage:

  • A Drop Test of 1.2 metres onto the most vulnerable point of the package
  • A Stacking Test equivalent to a 3 M high stack of similar packagings for 24 hours








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